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Almost everyone these days has one or more carpeted areas in their homes. They’re a critical fixture in every house, and they can incredibly improve things from an aesthetic and a functionality standpoint.

Carpets make your house look warm and inviting, provide an excellent playing area for kids and household pets, and add to the general aesthetic appeal of otherwise bare and boring floors. However, cleaning and maintaining carpets can be an admittedly difficult job.

The issue with having carpet in a high-frequency area is the fact that more feet will get on it. As such, more stains will easily cling to it. This problem is especially worse if you live in a location where dust particle and allergen movement is pretty high. While many of us might think that a lightweight domestic carpet cleaner or vacuum is the right way to go, it isn’t always the best option.

One crucial fact that most people seem to forget is that a vast majority of experts recommend that you conduct a thorough steam cleaning for your carpet or rug regularly to keep the warranty valid.

This means that to get your carpet or rug truly clean, it won’t be enough just to vacuum it. Also, steaming it yourself is not really the best way to go. The most standard and recognized method of achieving a truly deep clean is to have a qualified carpet cleaning service give it a professional steam cleaning. Professional steaming is also a way to keep your carpet in optimum health.

To that end, welcome Carpet Cleaner Saskatoon. We operate with the commitment that our customers receive some of the best and most affordable carpet cleaning services available.

From steam cleaning to vacuuming and shampoo treatments, we provide a wide array of cleaning services to ensure that your carpet looks immaculate and it can support a healthy home. We work with residential and commercial locations, so rest assured that we have the right tools to handle your service.

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Our Process

One of the many benefits you will enjoy from Carpet Cleaner Saskatoon is optimal professionalism. To maintain this, we provide a patterned operation process. It includes the following steps:


We begin every process with a thorough inspection, allowing us to understand what needs to be done, as well as how much the service will cost. Contact us to schedule this and provide us your address. We’ll handle the rest.


Following the consultation, we’ll recommend the right solutions for you. You may need a simple refresh, or a more in-depth, powerful extraction of any debris and dust particles in the carpet. We will recommend the appropriate service.


Once we agree on a service and a price quote, we get to work. From removing stains and applying sanitizers, to extracting dust and debris from your carpet, we ensure that your floors look good and feel even better.


We pride ourselves on a job well done and endeavour to fulfill our clients' needs. We pledge to complete our services on-time and on-budget, with unmatched quality and professionalism. You will not be disappointed.

Additional Services

Beyond traditional carpet cleaning, here are a few other services we provide:

area rug
Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are the perfect place to trap pet dander, dust mites, and other particles. Regular cleaning keeps your space fresh and help alleviate odours and allergies.

Binding & Surging

Is your carpet shedding, but you’re not ready to fully replace it? Our high quality binding and surging  service will protect it from further fraying and maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Carpet Repair

If your carpet has gone through structural damage, instead of replacing,  repairing it may be the answer. We can also apply a Teflon carpet protector to ensure damage doesn’t happen again.

Mattress Cleaning

We use gentle cleaning chemicals that are strong enough to remove a variety of stains. Mold, mildew, dust mites, and bed bugs are just a few of the elements that our cleaning technology can get rid of that you can’t see from the exterior.

Pet Urine Removal

Pet urine damages carpets and poses health risks. Removing the stains and odours left by pets can deter repeat incidents. Our specialized cleaning agents ensure the complete removal of your pet’s accidents to keep your home healthy and fresh. 

Upholstery & Furniture

Give your furniture and upholstery some proper treatment. With all of the traffic furniture gets, from people to pets, food, and more, a routine deep cleaning, as well as applying upholstery protectant, will give your furniture new life!

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